Your client – YOUR WordPress Theme

We all know as Developers we can turn coffee into code and code into websites. With some additional Developer logic, this can also turn into clients. As Dev’s, more often than not we suffer from a form of repetitive strain injury and therefore become very stressed with the world and soon begin to believe that we simply HATE WORDPRESS THEMES. So like many Dev’s we choose one theme we like and tend to work with it. This therefore heals the injury and we sink back into our chairs with our earphones in and loose ourselves in a dark abyss of back end config and find ourselves forgetting all about code.

This is all fine if your a Dev selling direct to the end user / owner of the site but, what if your the Agency. We have a different story here, a different cause of our strain injury and one we strongly believe we have found a solution to.

If your a Marketing / Development Agency in the UK and you like many others Freelance your work out then your likely to be using WordPress Themes. But as we know all to often the theme doesn’t suit the job and we always find ourselves either hacking the theme to make it work or going back to the client to tell them, Sorry but the theme doesn’t do that”. Well we don’t think you should ever have to tell your client “It cant be done”.

A successful web project is not just about a nice looking website, it has to work well not just front end, but back end. All to often we find out clients requiring training for every website they buy from us because the theme is different and so is the UI.

So what’s the solution:

  1. Build everything custom. The End. As a Dev I can safely say this is my honey pot, I love building custom themes and wish its all the market wanted.
  2. Stop using themes. Not an option! The market wont allow.
  3. Use our own theme? Close but well never really get to the point of covering all the functionality bases.
  4. Build a theme unique to the client? Closer.
  5. Build a starter theme that’s unique to the agency. GOT IT!

This is where I think the solution can be found. 

We use a base theme that we created to create all our custom websites from. Its a simple set of theme files that make up an installable theme that we can build on, however, its so bare bones that we still come across that strain injury.

[Your Agency Name] WordPress Theme.

So we came up with the idea (after many coffees and solving the issue of going back in time without causing an effect on the future) of an Agency Theme. You as the Marketing Agency purchase a theme which comes pre bundled with the following:

  1. Simple responsive framework (Bootstrap).
  2. Your most popular content layouts from looking at your previous websites.
  3. Your most popular functionality requirements added as either theme functions or shortcodes.
  4. The Site Orgin page builder for building pages and content outside of the unique templates and functionality requirements.

The Benefits.

The whole point is to reduce the amount of time it takes to build a website and administer it thereafter. By meeting half way between Themed Websites and Custom Built Themes we find that everyone is a winner.

  • The back end of the website becomes an easy to use recognisable tool for non developers who can use the same theme for all their projects.
  • Less resources required to train new staff.
  • As Developers we can create custom functionality and implement it quickly, take your instruction for the remaining layouts and pass you over a finished product.
  • By adding your common requirements for functionality to a plugin, we can evolve your particular theme by simply updating the plugin without overwriting theme changes.
  • No need to worry about theme updates breaking your sites, its your theme.
  • Want to license your theme and generate a monthly income, why not?