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Wrexham Web Deisgn Company Knoppys Digital Limited - New website for The Hand Hotel in Chirk

As a provider of Web Development Services, we primarily offer the following products to Businesses in the Shopshire and North Wales areas in an effort to provide an all-in-one solution to the regular practice of sourcing Freelance Web Developers and Graphic Designers.

Case Study

When Paul Rodgers from The Hand Hotel in Chirk approached us looking for a leading Wrexham Web Design company, we were more than happy to offer our services in designing and producing a new website.

This Hotels relatively small number of rooms ensures that the services they have to offer are tailored to the needs of the individual. Their reputable service offer this flexibility across all services including Accommodation, Events and Venue Hire, The Bars and Restaurants and our franchise Rijo Coffee Lounge. Needless to say you will find something to suite you.

From the moment guests check in or their dinners sit at their table, your every need will be catered for by flexible and friendly staff. For a more enjoyable stay, guests can take advantage of a variety of our recreational facilities and local attractions.


The purpose of this website is to bring a fresh and functional presence to the current Hand Hotel Website and provide staff and users alike with an interface to not only communicate the companies aims and goals online, but to act as a tool to deliver the companies USP to its clients.


We have drafted into the team Paul Seager (paulseager.co.uk/) one of our regularly outsourced designers to put together a fully responsive and modern Website Design. Paul will work closely with you to get your design right before passing it into Development.

Required Functionality

  • The ability to add, edit and remove various content types for example:
    • General purpose Pages :: These are pages with no particular purpose but for adding further information to the site for example, terms and conditions, privacy policy etc.
    • Home Page :: Your home page is generally a specific layout and design so we make it easy for you to edit the content.
    • Events :: Show list view and single view. Add and remove events as you wish and push them all to your existing social media accounts from one single edit screen.
    • Restaurant Menus :: Add content to your restaurant menus and have them display on the site in a fully responsive manner. This also opens the possibility for future development of taking orders online.
      News / Blog Posts :: Keep your followers up to date with all your goings on, events and news. Push them all to your existing social media accounts from one single edit screen.
    • Navigational Links :: Manage your navigation to alter / improve your users experience

Custom Template

We used our own in house boilerplate for all our customer WordPress Themes. Built using Bootstrap and hosted on our own high powered VPS to keep things running as quick as possible and deliver content to the end user in a timely manner. Our themes core functionality is regularly updated and fully integrated into the WP Theme Update Tool allowing our clients to keep their code up to date with WP and PHP/HTML/CSS Standards.

Home Page Design

The primary slider is populated by using the jQuery Slick Slider by Ken Wheeler, and the ACF Repeater field for background image, title and description content. This slider is present on every page however, if one is not stipulated then the row will default to the content from the home page. 

The next row contains the key services offered by the website pulling excerprt, title and image from the pages themselves. Dynamic content whilst still retaining its layout and purpose.

The introductory row is populated from the Page Content, the Page Title.Beneath the content, the themes footer starts off with a configurable call to action row. This row is populated by custom fields for content, links and button text however, if one is not stipulated then the row will default to the content from the home page. 

The footer also comprises the latest Events Content, Special Offers, Opening Times and other key information about the hotel. In addition to offering the hotels service users the ability to post reviews about the hotel directly from the website using the Trip Advisor Widget.

Page Template and SIngle Post Template

We've used this template for both single and page template views.

This means saving on the amount of code required to load and thus increasing the overall performance of the site.

The Sidebar:

This sidebar is half dynamic and half populated by the client using custom fields. The navigation is our a plugin created by us called Knoppys Page Navi and is available for clone or fork at https://github.com/knoppys/knoppys-pagenavi.

We do have plans to release this onto the WP Repo. The generates a list of pages and links by pulling the current page ID and grabbing all parent and child pages within the current hierarchy.

This makes for really easy navigation and keeps things on topic.

The Menu Download is simply a custom field allowing an image and file URL option for users to be able to download the full PDF Version of the Hotels Menus / Banner or Event Adverts

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