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Wrexham Web Design Company Knoppys Digital Limited - New website for Fry Fresh Edible Oils Limited

As a provider of Web Development Services, we primarily offer the following products to Businesses in the Shopshire and North Wales areas in an effort to provide an all-in-one solution to the regular practice of sourcing Freelance Web Developers and Graphic Designers.

Case Study

When Nick Williams from Fry Fresh Edible Oils Ltd approached us looking for a leading Wrexham Web Design company, we were more than happy to offer our services in designing and producing a new website.

Fry Fresh is Committed to the Essential Process of a Greener Future. Their skilled staff are the heart of fry fresh. They are dedicated in seeing the value of waste and converting it into productive solutions for your business and the environment.

Supplying sustainable cooking oils, used cooking oils collections and waste recycling. Their goal is to assist in building a brighter and ethical economy.


The purpose of The Fry Fresh Website is to provide an interactive medium of delivering the companies brand and message to clients and search engines alike. In addition to Content Delivery the site must also act as a collection point for users details such as possible clients and social media followers.
Whilst no request has been made for a shopping cart facility, the business does sell stock items that could be added at a later date. As a result the website must be scalable for future design and functionality.


We have drafted into the team Paul Seager ( one of our regularly outsourced designers to put together a fully responsive and modern Website Design. Paul will work closely with you to get your design right before passing it into Development.

Required Functionality

  1. A fresh and modern take on the websites layout and content delivery strategy whilst retaining all the current branding and colour schemes.
  2. A web content editor (CMS – Content Management System) that will allow administrative users to easily add and edit page content using familiar interfaces to those used in modern Office applications such as Microsoft Office.
  3. The automatic update of your social media profiles each time you update your site.
  4. A fully adaptive approach to design and the production of a responsive template to allow the websites content to be delivered in a way that will fit all device and print sizes. Everything from small mobile phones to wide screen televisions.
  5. Varying user access to allow administration from Fry Fresh administrators, external marketing managers and future online store logins.
  6. The ability to post fully featured news items incorporating text, images, videos, internal and external links on the website and to view these items in both archive and singular views.
  7. The tools to collect and submit data via forms to Fry Fresh Admin and to the client.
  8. On page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to aid Admin in the creation of search engine friendly content and override fields to allow customisation of how these pages appear in the google search results.

Custom Template

We used our own in house boilerplate for all our customer WordPress Themes. Built using Bootstrap and hosted on our own high powered VPS to keep things running as quick as possible and deliver content to the end user in a timely manner. Our themes core functionality is regularly updated and fully integrated into the WP Theme Update Tool allowing our clients to keep their code up to date with WP and PHP/HTML/CSS Standards.

Home Page Design

Taking into account some recent news about sliders on home pages, we decided to remove the typical home page landing slider from this design and use a static image and text approach. 

Fry Fresh originally sold 3 separate services:

The new approach now is to offer a fully comprehensive approach to the supply and recycle of edible oils and other food waste such as cardboard, wood and plastics. 

The home page rows whilst giving clear direction to the 3 primary services offered to the sites users, also individual products, additional information about how to contact and some example of their most proud clients. 

Page Template and SIngle Post Template

We've used this template for both single and page template views.

This means saving on the amount of code required to load and thus increasing the overall performance of the site.

The Sidebar:

There are two sidebars at work, one in use for individual pages that aids with site navigation and a contact method, the other for navigating the recent news items. 


Remember, everything was built custom, no drag and drop builders.


We have put together a highly reliable theme which we can use to build custom page templates with ease. By incorporating simple text and image fields saved as post meta, this means we can stop the client having access to layout or design. 

This makes the UI in the back end nice and simple. 

Remember, everything was built custom, no draga nd drop builders.

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