WordPress Theme Development

September 26, 2016

A free or premium theme may not always be the option with WordPress. If you have particular requirements that require custom code or even just a unique design, we can cater for your needs. We are Web Developers at heart and as so we are proud of our own creations.

If you are part of an agency or an agency looking for Web Developers either freelance or via contract, you may beneift from our Momentum Package which gives discounts to contracted services over periods of time.

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Custom WordPress Themes

When creating a custom WordPress Theme we start out with our own in house install the we have developed over the years. Its a tried and tested solution which gives us a fast starting point to start any website.

We use selected parts of Bootstrap and our own coded elements and functions that we know will keep things clean and tidy. We also understand the need for a clean and simple WP Admin. We dont clutter the back end with plugins and framworks. We use simple core functionality and build on already existing functions within the WP Core.

Project Management

Collaboration with the developement team and communication with our clients.
These are the most important parts of our development flow.

Time Management

Repetative tasks and regularly used code compiled into our own work tools and templates.
Even our in house servers can be configured to match you own.

Team Work

We use git to not only ensure the integrity of our code but for basic benefits such as collaboration, version control, hosting and management of software projects and storage oryour websites, themes and plugins.