WordPress Plugin Development

September 26, 2016

There isn't a plugin for everything. We can build any functionlaity into your own plugin and host it either in the main WP Repo or on your own private Git and even provide regular updates.

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Custom WordPress Plugins

When creating a WordPress Plugin we use out own Framework and tried and tested methods of code that keep things simple. We can design and develop your plugin completly from scratch to fit your requirements, we can also edit and revamp existing plugins. What if you have an eCommerce website that needs to pass order information to your warehouse management system? We can create the plugin for this.

Case Study: Serviced City Pads

The requirement here was to create a new website and to include the abiliy to create bookings for hotel rooms and apartments. Other functionality includes:

  • Hotel Operator and Client Contact Management
  • Client and Operator financial reports
  • Top apartment reports
  • Recommended apartments and rooms via email
  • Reseller options
  • cPanel API for creating add on domains
  • User managament 
  • Client and Operator portal
  • More More More...

We use selected parts of Bootstrap and our own coded elements and functions that we know will keep things clean and tidy. We also understand the need for a clean and simple WP Admin. We dont clutter the back end with options and overloaded admin screens. We use simple core functionality and build on already existing functions within the WP Core.

A couple of our own plugins

All Sub Categories

The All Sub Categories plugin was build with Uber Menu in mind. The project required a specific layout in the main menu that Uber did not provide. This plugin adapts the Product Category Lists and floats them into their correct position. It will also fit into a single widget area and spread across the entire menu.

View on GitHub

Knoppys Page Navi

This plugin was built as a free giveaway for the Shropshire WordPress Meetup. It acts as a widget and can be used on pages or posts. it displays a list of pages / posts within the current heirachy. This kind of navigation can go a long way to aiding in the User Journey. We have plans to expand this for custom post types and even WooCommerce Products.

View on GitHub

Project Management

Collaboration with the developement team and communication with our clients.
These are the most important parts of our development flow.

Time Management

Repetative tasks and regularly used code compiled into our own work tools and templates.
Even our in house servers can be configured to match you own.

Team Work

We use git to not only ensure the integrity of our code but for basic benefits such as collaboration, version control, hosting and management of software projects and storage oryour websites, themes and plugins.