Proudly Sponsoring the Welsh TT

Knoppys Digital is now the proud sponsor of the up and coming Welsh TT. We will exlusivly be providing the events Digital Services including Web Design, Web Development and Digtial Marketing. 

Some information about the event. 

For many years there were rumors of a hidden gem of a circuit, tucked away somewhere in the mountains of Wales. Since 1953 it has been safely tucked away in the archives of The Crown. On hearing of these rumours, we decided to approach The Crown, the rest as they say, will be history …

Having been rediscovered by 3 men on a mission to spread their passion for road race and a need to be the first to stage a fresh new road race in the UK. The difference being, it is not staged in a town centre, or a populated village. It is literally in the middle of nowhere. It winds its way around 5.2 miles of unfettered nature. This will catapult the circuit to the fourth largest road race in Europe and without doubt undisputed largest in the mainland UK.

The track was originally discovered in 1947, with the first Welsh TT being held in 1948. Events continued until 1953, which saw the last Welsh TT being held in conjunction with the Queen’s Coronation. People from far and wide could be seen walking through the countryside with tools in their wheelbarrows and tents on their shoulders eager to arrive at the circuit and transform the barren wilderness into a world class race track, if only for a weekend.

Over 5 years and 5.2 miles per lap with the circuit winding across open moorland, racers would regularly reach speeds of 90mph. Even by today’s standards, that is an amazing achievement. Indeed, in many of the local hostelries, tales are still told of the daring feats and achievements of the racers, even some riders swapping tales of how they would exchange their ration books for some petrol.

Since then hill climbs and sprints have been held on a different part of the site, it will also be the intention of the organisation to continue with the hill climbs and sprints and also to form a junior road race academy.

Our intention is to raise the flag and re stage the world famous event, which will be known as Eppynt The Welsh TT. Run in Wales, and run by Welshmen. A date of 11 and 12 August 2018 has been set into the diaries of both the Crown and Eppynt The Welsh TT Ltd.

No doubt, over the coming months, these stories will resurface as the rumours spread and the pace gathers around what is hoped to be the most amazing road race ever staged in the UK. The licence is with the Secretary of State to be signed off as this video is being played, whilst we eagerly await the approval of the Auto Cycle Union. The intention is for 3 men to run a staged meeting, modelled on the Isle of Man TT, not so much a race, but a timed trial, which is every bit as exhilarating. I am sure you can appreciate the thrill of the chase just by the vision you get from the film, and this all started from 3 men’s passion, who formed an Association at the World Famous Aberdare Park Road Races, again, another iconic meeting in the world of road racing.