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All my experience as a Developer and a Strategist can be found either through hiring me directly or through my various media channels.

You can look me up on YouTube for free or become a Patron for a monthly fee.


Knoppys on YouTube - Digital Matters

The YouTube Channel will allow you free access to all of the Digital Strategy content, tips and lessons. I will be offloading a lot of my experience here for free to shoe who wish to share it.

You will also be able to catch me on Live Q and A sessions and answering questions live from the FaceBook WordPress and SEO Groups Im a member of.

You'll soon see the Youtube playlist appear here.

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Knoppys on Patreon - Digital Matters

Whilst Patreon will be showing some of the YouTube content, the primary focus here is to allow access to bonus content, inclusive consultation and additional services to premium users.

In many cases this can be a more beneficial solution to billable services at hourly or day rates.

You'll soon see the Patreon Free playlist appear here.

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