Sales Position Available

Position : Sales Executive Knoppys Digital Limited was setup in 2015 to cope with an ever growing demand on Development Services and to target a gap in the Digital Marketing industry for Web Developers. Our primary services are Web Development, Web Hosting and HTML Email Marketing. We deliver these through various platforms but for the[…]

Web Design Shrewsbury Wrexham and Chester

Your client – YOUR WordPress Theme

We all know as Developers we can turn coffee into code and code into websites. With some additional Developer logic, this can also turn into clients. As Dev’s, more often than not we suffer from a form of repetitive strain injury and therefore become very stressed with the world and soon begin to believe that[…]

WordPress Meetup Oswestry

Just a quick thank you to those who quite patiently listened to a presentation by Alex Knopp about User Experience and User Journey last night at the WP Shropshire Meetup. We’ve made the presentation available for all to ref to and go over at your own pace. Comments are disabled but if you do have[…]